Processing Projects

When I first decided I wanted to incorporate Processing with some of my Arduino projects, I found the Make: Getting Started with Processing very handy, like all the “Getting Started” books it assumes no prior knowledge and gives you a basis to start from.

  • Initially the first challenge I had with sharing Processing project on this site was figuring out how to deploy the project to the server hosting this site and then how to serve them up from within a webpage. This is a simple experiment to get a Processing ‘sketch’ running on this site.
  • One of the other initial frustrations I had with Processing projects was determining the x and y coordinates I wanted to use for my initial projects, so I developed a simple project to display the x and y coordinates for a point selected by the mouse.
  • When I was putting together an Arduino 8×8 LED Matrix, I needed a quick way to generate bitmaps without hand coding bitmap files which is tedious, so I put together a bitmap generator that works pretty well.