Outside of work I still go back to my roots as a developer and like to tinker, as well as start businesses, blogs, books, websites, and Arduino projects I never have time to finish. On this page you will find those I choose to share.

  • Processing Projects – I began working with Arduino several months years ago, and since the Arduino development environment is based on the Processing language, I began to teach myself Processing to develop Arduino projects which interact with Processing programs running on my laptop.
  • This website itself ( was launched for me to learn WordPress and have a sandbox for other technologies and applications as much as anything else.
  • My milblog, Sergeant Grumpy, primarily focused on my deployment to Iraq during the surge of 2007-2008. For a while I was also running with product and book reviews to play with using content to drive traffic to my Amazon store. When Amazon had it’s little hissy fit with Colorado I pretty much had to shut it down.
  • For a while I had launched and was running a concept I had developed with my wife to sign up for a large number of affiliate programs and donate all the funds after operating expenses to CO2 reduction. The site was buy4good, and interestingly enough someone in the Netherlands had revived the concept, after a fashion (update: it looks like they wound it down too.) We ended up planting 400 Trees thru Trees for the Future and buying 10 tons of carbon offsets before we wound it down.
  • Prior to this I worked with a good friend of mine from my Sapient Chicago days start and launch a new online business in a 6 week timeframe, which looking back at it seems completely insane. Again this had a green twist to it and was focused on the reduction of junk mail. And as they say I learned a hell of a lot in the experience.

And although this isn’t really a project it is quite humorous (at least for me which is all that matters on my site). Here is the first ‘website‘ I built which was actually on an internal server my company had set up to encourage people to learn themselves some html. It’s just horrible, but then the timestamp on the file is 02 April 1997.