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I have been publishing videos for a few years now and have a number of tutorials and play-through videos on my YouTube channel. At this point it is a hobby for me, and a way to play around with different editing tools and software.

Thinking about creating your own videos? There’s lots of options out there, and some really great videos comparing the features and costs of the various tools. After having watch a ton of these, I have settled on the following equipment / software for my videos:

  • Fraps – for in game screen capture. Works great and isn’t too expensive.
  • Microsoft Movie Maker – while no longer supported by Microsoft, this is still a great entry level editing tool and a few sites are out there hosting the install. I got mine from and haven’t had any problems with it. iMovie is another great tool if you’re doing your editing on a Mac. Since I’m recording my games on a PC I don’t use it except for my non-gaming vids.
  • Music – YouTube has a great library of free music and sound effects, just be certain to follow the citation rules for each piece. Just go to the Creator Studio -> Create -> Audio Library to listen to the various tracks. I favorite the ones I use for easy access, then download them to import in Movie Maker
  • Mic – If I were to do one thing different on my channel, it would have been to get a good mic right away. I went with the Blue Yeti mic for it’s versatility and easy of use, but the whole line of Blue mics seem to get good reviews from YouTubers. If you aren’t ready to shell out for the Yeti, consider the Snowball and Snowflake.

Have a different set up? Let me know what and why you like it below.

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