Stranded Deep

stranded-deep-raftStranded Deep is a first person, open world, survival game that while still in development is available as an early access game on Steam. It reminds me a lot of playing a Minecraft Survival Island seed and is a lot of fun for the same reasons.

Developer: Beam Team (website | Steam page)

Below are the tutorials I put together to help out new players, or head straight to my YouTube playlist.

Finding Food Tutorial

Just starting out and need to find some food in a hurry? Check out this tutorial to find food early in your game when you haven’t yet made tools. This includes finding and eating coconuts, kura fruits, and quwawa fruit.


Clean Drinking Water Tutorial

A steady supply of drinkable water is the key to hydration in the bleaching sun of the Pacific islands of Stranded Deep and in this tutorial we’ll review how to collect coconuts, Quwawa fruit, how to use the Solar Still, and how to craft containers to store and transport your water for trips to other islands.


Hunting and Fishing Tutorial

Unless you really love Coconut, at some point you will need more sustaining food, and in this tutorial we’ll cover how to hunt and fish so that you will have some tasty morsels to cook. This includes hunting with a bow, a spear, and a fishing spear as well as skinning your catch with a knife.


Cooking Tutorial

Of course as soon as you have some raw meat, you need to be able to cook and in this tutorial we cover 3 ways to cook up the meat from hunting and fishing using the camp fire spit, the hobo stove, and the smoker (my favorite since smoked food won’t spoil).


Farming Tutorial

Enjoy Stranded Deep and have the basics down, but confused by the Hoe and Farming Plot and unsure how to use them? Look no further to learn how you can have your own Kura or Quwawa farm up and running in no time.


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