I write on a variety of topics that interest me in the areas of personal development including stoicism, project management, and things I find humorous or interesting. I also use this site as my personal sandbox for projects and tinkering with various internet technologies.

There are no grand plans for this site, I am just writing about whatever interests me at the moment. I am not interested in politics or sniping, but if you have something meaningful to share please do comment. If you find something interesting or useful please share it.

Professionally I am a seasoned business executive with over 24 years of experience in the marketing and technology consulting industry. I am known for my ability to deliver client focused solutions by leveraging digital innovation, consumer research, technology, business and program management capabilities. I have held a variety of business and delivery leadership roles and have a proven record of managing a profitable P&L across a book of accounts, and have hands on experience developing multidisciplinary, geographically diverse teams.

I am also a former Army Paratrooper, Guardsman, Staff Sergeant and Iraq War Veteran, and a proud member of the VFW, American Legion, and IAVA and have volunteered with the ESGR and Veterati on veterans employment issues. I am always looking for opportunities to help veterans, especially in the area of employment.

I am based in Denver, Colorado and am always interested in hearing about new opportunities.

Disclaimer: All material shared on this site, unless otherwise cited, represent my own personal opinions, and should not be taken as professional advice.